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fit to fight

  • i'm a professor, doctor, writer, photographer and i had to
  • Make years of effort, face great odds, overcome industry bias, fight against opposition of family to get where I am today.
  • we all have incredible stories of bravery, perseverance, struggle, success

Make your #FitToFight story come alive

Tell us about your dreams and your journey
Make the world acknowledge your courage and conviction

The most inspiring stories will be brought to life by Reebok at the Fit to fight Awards and get felicitated by Kangana herself!

#FitToFight Stories

Gloria Benny

Meenakshi Raghavan

Seema Rao

Jeena Garg

Shruti Mahanto

Shubhreet Kaur

Isha Yadav

Kanyat Kazi

Malvika Iyer


Priya Prakash

Avnita Gupta

Geeta Sridhar

Manjot Kohli

Urja Jha

Vidhya Yellareddy

Feli Ann Rodrigues

Sunita Katyal

Richa Kar

Daring To Break a Taboo

Namrata Purohit

Living For Fitness

Malini Agarwal

Bollywood and Beyond

Bhakti Sharma

Across The Oceans

Geetanjali Babbar and Ritumoni Das

Rescuing the Rejected

Shreya Soni

Bringing happiness to the l...

Saloni Arora

In pursuit of love and life

Renu Pant

Success through fitness

Parul Patnaik

Forging a new path

Shobhna Mittal

A story of survival

Neha Mathur

A delicious love affair

Neena Sirohi

Taking the road less taken

Mrigakshi Jaiswal

Dancing her way to glory

Monisha Ajgaonkar

Capturing the essence of life

Kaplesh Chaudhari

Diamond in the rough

Kanika Tekriwal

Flying high

Dr Arpita Sharma

Giving Voice To Ones Passion

Arpita Ganesh

Offering the right support

Sakshi and Sadhwi Sondhi

Helping Man’s Best Friend

Zoe Modgill

Inspiring fitness

Lvanika Parti

Passion on Wheels

Bani Nanda

Cooking Up A Storm

Rashmi Daga

Serving a delight

Jessica Jayne

Creating a more organic world

Archana Doshi

Cooking up a storm

Simran Bakshi

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Niranjan Mukundan

Fighting Your Own Body

Nafisa Kapadia

Creating something different

Aakanksha Gupta

The Dance of Life

Meghna Khanna

The beauty of the unusual

Krithi Karanth

Krithi Karanth

Ketika Kapoor

Childcare You Can Count On

Chitra Jidesh

Dance with the Bombay Belly...

Ishita Chaudhary

Empowering the Voice of Youth

Geeta Tandon

Ready for Some Action

Zaaria Patni


Aradhana Buragohain

Fighting for a Dream

Bhavna Toor

Making Her Very Own Gates o...

Geeta Seshamani and Tandrali Kuli

The Fighters of Frendicoes

Anu Sridharan

Building Something Meaningful

Yash Raj Bhardwaj

Fighting for a Brighter Tom...

When the doctors diagnosed her father with cancer, 18 year old Ayushi’s whole world turned upside down. She had to leave behind her boarding school and all her friends there, and move to a new sch...

Ayushi Shridhar

Seeking Strength in Words

Manasa Urala

Against all the odds

Manish Bhattacharya

The techie who didn’t give up

Ipsa Arora

Believe in the power of YOU

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. It took a painful accident, for Guneet to realize this fact. The accident led to a slipped disc and put her in so much pain th...

Guneet nagpal

Never stop pushing for more

Akshai Abraham

Taking Education Beyond Cla...

Ashwin had always been a studious, confident albeit an introverted person. Through hard work and months of preparation, he secured himself a seat in IIT Bombay. During his 1st year in college, he g...

Ashwin Srivastava

Dreaming Big

Tanvi Surfer

Paddling Her Way To Success

For seven years, Neeraj played the role of Laxman in Ram Leela. Somewhere along the line, he got immensely attached with the character he played. Playing the role of the dedicated younger brother t...




If you can dream it, then y...

Aakash Ranison

A wandering soul

Balram Attwal


Shilpa Jindal

Refusing to settle

Bhupendra Sharma

A Man With A Mission

Deepa Malik

Blazing a trail of glory

Dolphin Bakshi

Striving for a fitter self

Rahul Kotabage

Riding to happiness

Payal Mittal Agarwal

Strength of a single mother

Smriti Singhal

Fighting for change

Kankana Chaudhury

Beauty in health

Shiyaz Shahika Khan

Riding to success

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  • 660

Lekha Jambaulikar

Fighting Fat to become Fit...

The greatest risk is to take no risk at all. Since the time Johan gained the ability to perceive the world, he was told about the danger of taking risks. He was told not to dream! But Johan’s...

Johan Lewis

Taking a risk

Tejas R

Educating the underprivileg...

Usha Krishnan

Calling the shots

Diksha Dagar

Hole in One

Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. For as long as Kinjal could remember, all she ever wanted was to be a doctor. With her parents’ support, she opted for science, takin...

kinjal solanki

From Doctor to Engineer

Success is one percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration. Iona learned this lesson as a child when she failed to clear her 5th standard exams. Although Iona had never been a meritoriou...


Dreams do come true

Parag Doodhya

Success doesn't come to you...

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  • 872

Ratna Singh

A wild ride

Bullied and treated with disrespect during childhood, Jaykrishna's life is a tale of surviving the wretchedness and emerging stronger. Despite being from a poor background, his parents sacrificed a...

Jaykrishna Pareek

Nothing worth having comes ...

A job offer that paid 4000 per month, that too for someone with an MBA! This is what Pranjal was offered upon the completion of his Master’s program. He refused to take up such work and devoted his...

Pranjal Singh

Capturing the world through...

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  • 718

Like many Indian women, Yukti had to stay within the confines of her home and raise a family once she got married. She had to abandon her career ambitions despite the fact that she was well educate...

Yukti Chawla

Where there’s a will there’...


The story isn’t over yet


From domestic cook to Maste...

Raakhee Bose

An actor and a fitness frea...

Sachin Khanduja

A story of discrimination, ...

Simran Agarwal

Determination always pays off

Chaitanya Velhal

A tale of realization and p...

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  • 137

Born and brought up in a small chawl, Neil dreamt of becoming an actor, but had to face major financial crisis in his early life. In order to fulfill his financial needs, he had to put aside his dr...

Neil D' Cunha

Story of rags to riches

Faisal Ashraf

Conquering the impossible c...

Anuradha Mishra

A ray of hope for the speec...

Bishal Sarkar

The king of confidence

Ritika Borah

Better sore than sorry

A story of winning the war that wages within, Mridul overcame his weaknesses and attained tremendous success! Born and brought up in Bangalore, Mridul was never a bright student and somehow, the...

Mridul Shah

Mr to Dr

Countless people battle the dark depths of depression every day and Pratik Pandya was one of them. Unable to cope up with the humiliation and mental anguish of ragging after joining Medical coll...

Pratik Pandya

Overcoming the darkness

Hardships are a part of life! Some take them as a setback, others take them as a challenge. Then there are some that think hardships make one #FitToFight any challenge in life - Upasna is one of ...

Upasna Gulati

A girl with a dream

A mother scolds her kids not to harm them, but to make them a better being. But Deepa Natrajan’s case was one in a million. She was abused, beaten and humiliated by her own mother, while she was in...

Deepa Natarajan

A dutiful daughter

Being a sports fanatic, Suyaash had represented his school at state level in Tamil Nadu. But then came a time when his father got transferred to Jamshedpur. He thought he’d have to start everything...

Suyaash Kumar

A runner who never lost his...

Life is not always perfect. Shalini realized this bitter truth when she lost her husband in a tragic car accident at the age of 26. With her husband’s demise, came a financial turmoil, leaving her ...

Shalini Kapoor Saluja

A single mother, double parent

If you think you can, then you will! Dr. Pinkey N Bharadwaj has literally lived her life by this philosophy. After completing B.Com, she joined Kotak Mahindra as a Direct Sales Associate in the loa...

Pinkey Bhardwaj

A curious case of studious ...

Snehal Trivedi, known as Seed, was forced to live alone when he was diagnosed with a mental disorder. It was then he took up farming and made it a part of his life. He owns a small farm in Aurovill...

Seed Trivedi

"Seed" of hope

A broken dream hurts more than any pain in the world. Anushree know the pain. She lost faith in her dream of becoming a scriptwriter. Then she saw Kangana’s #FitToFight story on the internet, she c...

Anushree Kanade

A girl with a dream, and a ...

Born to a Bosnian mother and a Syrian father, Nadya had a childhood most of us would dread. She was teased, bullied, and made to feel like an outsider in her own country. She was mere 7 when she mo...

Nadya Alasad

Outcast: a story

Born and brought up in a defense family, Alka's childhood was nothing less than a competition with her own self. It was when she got married and shifted to Delhi, she started gaining weight. Her co...

Alka Gera

Alka's journey from flab to...

After surviving a near fatal accident with close to 50 stitches on her face, over 20 fractures, two bone reconstructive surgeries and one bone transplant, Sumukhi Seth completed her masters in psyc...

sumukhi seth

A tattoo artist with a story

Shovona Karmakar

The girl who "focused"

Divya Sharma

A tale of battle against on...

Dr. Shubhra Arora

A woman of many traits

Preeti Monga

There is more to Preeti tha...

Kiran Kanojia

Kiran: the ray of hope and ...

Kangana Ranaut

A fighter in the reel and t...

Awards '16
Awards '16
  • Smriti Singhal 40

    Fighting for change​​


    ​Rescuing the rejected

  • Malini Agarwal 27

    Bollywood and Beyond​

  • Ishita Chaudhary 28

    Empowering the voice of Youth​

Reebok FTF Awards
  • Geeta Tandon​ 25

    Ready for some action​

  • Namrata Purohit​ 25

    ​Living for fitness

  • Bhakti Sharma 24

    ​Across the oceans

  • Deepa Malik 43

    Blazing a trail of glory​

Reebok FTF Awards
  • Vijaylaxmi 22

    From domestic cook to masterchef​

  • Zaaria Patni​ 38

    A fight for one's future​

  • Richa Kar​ 24

    Daring to break a taboo

  • Ketika Kapoor 25

    Childcare you can count on

Reebok FTF Awards
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